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Vally Falls State Park

Winter is hard for car show fans. It’s cold and we can’t wait to get out in that hot sun and complain about how hot it is!
This is a site where you and I can discuss our favorite car shows/cruise in.

Even tho it is not a “show”, I think the one I loved the most was the Valley Falls State Park near Fairmont WV. On Rt 310. The AACA of WV puts it on. It’s a covered dish picnic style get together. Every vehicle brings a  covered dish. They do have door prizes but no trophies. Plenty of shade, just bring your chairs.These 2 photos were taken at the Park. This year 2011 the date is August 14th, 10 till 4:00.

 Tell me about your favorite car-truck-motorcycle show.  Or about the one you didn’t like and why. Any suggestions how to make it better so that you will love that car show so that you will go again.

Pt. Marion Regatta Dream Machine Car Show ;  Great crowd, about 73 entries, (and 92 degrees!!) Great to see everyone out with their machines since last year , sure nice to see all my friends again. I just want to know WHERE WERE THE LAWN MOWERS? The grass was up over the wheels!

Well! What can I say about the St. Mary Roman Catholic Church Show at Leckrone, PA?  They sure did goof up. Makes you wonder if they did it on purpose. I would say you should of been there – but I’ll bet you’re glad you went somewhere else! Sometimes this happens at a new show, but they have had many shows before. There was less that 50 cars this year, and there most likely will not be any of these 43 cars going back there again. Even the car with 3  trophies might be too ashamed to go back next year.

Here’s what you missed if you were not there.  They gave out  top 10 trophies plus 3 special trophies. Participants (that registered a car)  picked the top 10. There was no other kind of judging that we know of.  Yet one car ended up with 2 special trophies + a top 10 trophy! That should never happen.  Nothing against the car that did win these – yes it was a nice car and we did vote for him, and yes we did win a trophy too.

But  if special trophies are givin out they always over ride the top 10 or however many they have. If someone is picking their choice, (Mayor, Fireman, Kids, Women, Priest, ect) their choice overides all others.  You get the Special trophy and you do not get a top 10, it goes to someone else next on the list with the most votes. If you have more votes than anyone else – then you are best of show- or peoples choice, if they don’t have a voting for spectators or club members, ect.

Some places have different ways of judging and voting. One show from another year, announced BEFORE trophies were givin out that some people could/would get more that one trophy. That was because they had people who paid to vote on a car ( it raises more money for the show – but some people use it to buy themself a trophy). And more that one person/group picked that car for their favorite. They have since changed to one trophy each.

 My view and I think most other car showers agree that there is enough really nice vehicles that deserve a trophy that you wouldn’t have to give two or more trophies to one vehicle. Most people can find more that one favorite. If that happens you should choose which ever one trophy you want and tell them to give some other deserving vehicle the other trophy.

Look at this video of the old drag races at Thompson  (near Cleveland ,OH) this is some of Don’s old gang, the first car on the trailer is Bob Masons’, he and His brother Danny all roomed together. Watch closely when you get to about 5 and 1/2 minutes and you will see Don, with a white helmet on, racing his Jeepster. TDR Vintage Drag Racing 60’s-70’s Thompson Raceway Park formerly Thompson Drag Raceway TRP

Never think you are getting old! Check out this lady here.  May we all be like her!”></iframe>

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